We're proud of everyone who's completed the Mindfulness-flow course and achieved lasting life-changing results. Read these real accounts of how Mindfulness-flow changes lives from the people who've taken part.

"The ways of being that Patrick teaches in the Mindfulness-flow course are simple yet very powerful.  His way of tackling mindfullness taught me to be more of an observer of my to mindset patterns and emotions that influence my daily moods and actions. The course taught me that with practice and patience I CAN change my automatic responses and to be kind and nuturing to myself and others. This allowed me to better approach an inner realm to learn more about ME"

Vince F.

"Patrick is a very good teacher. Kind, caring, and compassionate. Very informative.  This was a great mix of 'how mindfulness works' and 'how to put it into practice.  He makes learning and understanding easier. The Mindfulness-flow course has assisted me to move forward and has helped calm my head, less stress and more compassion."

Kate L.

"I really enjoyed the course. Patrick showed us lots of different strategies which have been quite useful, I am now regularly practicing my meditation which I am so happy about.

He is kind and compassionate and is so passionate about what he teaches. He’s a great teacher! Thank you so much!"

Andrew B. 


"Before I began this course I had a serious read of the testimonials and was a bit skeptical.  I doubted Patrick could be that good? But now I’ve done the Mindfulness-flow course and I know that he really is that good.   If you want a happier life, now, take this course and you’ll be on your way.  Go Well and Enjoy!"

Samantha N.

"Patrick is one of the warmest people I know.  His love for humanity and care for the individual is present in his 'serious smile', calm and soothing sound of his voice and strength in his eyes.  He seems to understand others like I haven't experienced before.  Time slows down.  He is here and now.  He shares his wisdom and you feel you have always known it, known her."

Robert and Erica T.

"I have completed Patrick's Mindfulness-flow  course twice and the second time was even more inspiring than the first.  It refreshed my mind on the simple yet brilliant techniques you can adopt in every day life to make the most of each day and to be as happy, centered and positive a person as possible.  Patrick also teaches how to respond when life throws the inevitable 'curve ball' your way.  Patrick's calm, nuturing and caring presence is infectious and you leave each session feeling calmer, happier and more in control.  Thank you Patrick…I’ll be back."

Alexandra S.


“This course helped me become more aware of my thoughts, my feelings and myself. I feel much less anxiety and 'encounter' less anger in my life now. I certainly have gained more confidence, and feel much more comfortable in social situations. I enjoyed the relaxed environment and the vibe that we had during the Mindfulness-flow course.” 

Jeremy P. 

"Following being apart of the course, I am building the informal practice into my daily life almost without realising it. Little things like watering the garden, repotting flowers. Little things that can actually be pleasurable things to do if you are in the moment and not on 'auto-pilot'. I find that I am practicing and doing it before I realise that I am doing it. I find that at times unbearable and boring tasks and activities are now not a chore but 'sparks' in life." 

Ella J. 

"Mindfulness-flow coaching with Patrick and putting this into my own practice are a work in progress. After starting the coaching sessions, I have reduced my anxiety medications to just a half. I previously had anxiety attacks when entering large and crowded grocery stores due to my worry. Those are now 'past experiences'. I highly recommend Patrick's mindfulness-flow sessions to anybody."

Phillip S.