Mindfulness flow

My online treatment programme provides you with access to a series of 8 mindfulness modules building on your knowledge and is interactive and engaging.   I will be guiding you through instructional videos, interactive sessions, and mindfulness assignments supported by 'mindfully motivational' emails. Explore how mindfulness can improve your mental wellbeing, review what you have learnt along the way and chart your progress with self-assessment tools.

By the end of the course, you'll be naturally practising mindfulness in your daily life, helping you to be present and not caught up in negative thoughts, to be more aware and respond more skillfully to events, and to reduce and maintain low levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

26 Lessons



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Conquer Your Social Anxiety

This programme will provide skills to use in any situation that involves you being in a social situation where your anxiety is interfering with you truly expressing yourself and feeling comfortable.

Instead of avoiding situations and other people, I have confidence that you will learn to feel comfortable and more sure of yourself through using the skills included in the modules.

42 Lessons


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